Multiple computers, printers, fax machines and other devices can be connected to create a cost-efficient and convenient "home area network" (HAN) environment allowing for the sharing of these devices as well as files, games, etc.

 Access the Internet, send/receive e-mail and faxes simultaneously anywhere in the home where there is a connection via technologically advanced wiring - all of which can be customized according to individual needs and preferences.

 Enjoy the luxury of working at home with conveniences of an office connectivity environment.
Multiple connections are made possible for simultaneous voice and data transmissions
(phone, fax, computer) while benefiting from the efficiencies of high-speed Internet access.

 By incorporating a router with an integrated firewall, users can browse the Internet with much improved built-in security from potential hacker intrusions.

 Utilizing the highest speed rated wiring allows for the fastest transmissions of large files such as
MP3's, multimedia and online-networked gaming.